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Notes on Ayurveda and Doshas

May 6, 2012

*Doshas Seasons, Types Summary *(click for a DOSHA summary PDF)

Have you ever thought about why there are differences in people?


Some people may be full of energy others are quietly confident. Modern science, via genetics and other medicinal sciences, offer some insights but there are many characteristics and idiosyncrasies that make every person unique beyond just genetics. Ayurveda has its way of answering these differences via the Three Doshas: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.

The Doshas can be account for different human states via being:

Balanced: All three doshas are balanced; also referred to as “equilibrium.”
Increased: A particular dosha is manifested in a higher than normal proportions; also referred to as an “aggravated” or “excess state.”
Decreased: A particular dosha is present in a reduced proportion.

The increased state leads to an elevated number of imbalances. This can happen via a number of different ways such as diet, stress or some other aspect of lifestyle. You can restore balance when you understand your individual uniqueness and its needs and you can then harmonize your internal environment and its needs with the external world.

Ayurveda offers specifically tailored recommendations for every individual, ranging from general lifestyle changes to the treatment of chronic conditions. Ayurveda is, therefore, an individualised health treatment, and is somewhat different from the Western model. More recently Western doctors have seen the value of this holistic approach to medicine and are now using individualised medical methods more and more. More importantly, the Doshas can be used to evaluate imbalances prior to any disease so is an important system of preventative medicine.

Our approach to designing products is to use natural ingredients that have been designed by Ayurvedic doctors and that have been endorsed by modern science. Recent science is now catching up with the “Old Ways” and demonstrating that natural Herbs & Spices do have a dramatic effect on maintaining health and can be used to as part of a wider healthy lifestyle to prevent many illnesses.

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