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Notes on Caffeine and Potassium

May 10, 2012

This chart shows the levels of potassium in typical herbs and spices that we use in The Wise Herb Company for our recipes.

Herb/Spice Amount (mg) per 100 g
Basil 3433
Fennel 1694
Ginger 1343
Cardamom 1119
Mint 569
Cinninamon 500


There are a couple of important implications of this.  Caffeine is a diuretic and can affect potassium levels slightly. Green tea does have a small amount of caffeine and in our CALM&RELAX green tea base we use a decaffeinated Green Tea so there are no issues with caffeine.

In terms of the “brain excitation” effects, Green Tea contains a component called Theanine which can neutralise the jittery, nervous effects sometimes associated with caffeine consumption.

With respect to any negative effects from the diuretic properties of caffeine, the Herbs & Spices we use do have levels of potassium which will facilitate hydration maintenance and keep the cells well stocked with potassium so nerve impulses and brain function will not be impeded.

Potassium is a mineral that equilibrates sodium to help with proper hydration in the body. Most adults take in too much sodium and not enough potassium.

Recent research have highlighted the high levels of sodium that most people in the West consume on a daily basis.

Functions of Potassium:

  • a component for balancing the pH of the body
  • Helps normal water balance in the body
  • Facilitates normal muscle growth
  • Aids a healthy nervous system and brain function

Ratio of Sodium to Potassium is Imbalanced

Normal consumption in the West can be from twice to three times the amount of sodium (3 to 7 gms) in a day, to the amount of potassium (2 gms). This ratio is the inverse of recommended levels. Potassium intake should be in the neighborhood of 4 to 9 gms.

If you do exercise you will lose a significant amount of fluid which contains potassium, so you will need to consume larger amounts of potassium-rich foods. A diet that is high in sodium but relatively low in potassium may initiate a series of chronic conditions like hypertension. There is growing evidence that the proper balance between potassium and sodium in the body is a strong antidote to high blood pressure. So in this respect take care with drinks which dehydrate like Coffee and Alcoholic drinks.

Our healthy drinks (CALM&RELAX, UP&GO, YOUNG&FUN and SLIM&FIT) are packed with functionality from the herbs & spices we use which will positively help you with activities such as sport.  At the same time they have the added bonus of not affecting hydration in a negative way. 

Herb and Spice Potassium data from

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