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Cinnamon: Health Benefits …Latest News!

May 14, 2012

The Latest scientific research on the Health Benefits of Cinnamon is outlined below. We have seen in previous articles on this website how Cinnamon is able to help maintain and prevent certain chronic conditions as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Brain Protection:

Shaltiel-Karyor et al, investigated the inhibition pattern of oligomeric and fibrillar forms of α-synuclein, using a natural substance, Cinnamon Extract which was previously shown to effectively inhibit aggregation of β-amyloid polypeptide. The oligomeriztion of α-synuclein into ordered assemblies is associated with the symptoms of Parkinson’s diseas The investigators demonstrated that Cinnamon Extract has a differential inhibitory effect on the formation of soluble and insoluble aggregates of α-synuclein in an model system.


They concluded that Cinnamon affects the process of aggregation of α-synuclein without changing its secondary structure and suggest that increasing amounts of cinnamon slow this process by stabilizing the soluble oligomeric phase.

The results indicate that Cinnamon components could have potential for Parkinson’s disease.

Sugar Control:

In a study by Han and Cui blood glucose was significantly decreased in an hyperglycemic animal model after liquid cinnamon doses. Damaged pancreatic β-cells of the were partly recovered gradually after administered with cinnamon. Cinnamon could improve the bioavailability and glycaemic metabolism in liquid form.

Herbs & Spices like cinnamon are key ingredients in CALM&RELAX; SLIM&FIT; UP&GO and YOUNG&FUN made by The Wise Herb Company.

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