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Health Needs and Products from the Wise Herb Company

May 18, 2012

Global trends and Consumer needs

These are the latest Nutritional and Health global trends in food & drink and how the InnOrbit products, CALM&RELAX, SLIM&FIT, UP&GO and YOUNG&FUN, fit into them.  

These healthy drinks are based on 100% natural ingredients (Herbs & Spices). Combined with a healthy lifestyle can help to maintain a healthy body.

We have also recently launched an Energy Shot based on the UP&GO infusion recipe which will help in sustaining energy. With a Males & Femal versions this health drink is 100% Natural, has zero caffeine and no added sugar. Ideal for sports, traveling and maintaining energy in a busy lifestyle.

His & Hers

  • UP&GO: Ideal natural energy for sports and exercise

  • SLIM&FIT: Helps to maintain a healthy weight

  • YOUNG&FUN: Facilitates brain function and promotes concentration

  • CALM&RELAX: Helps to relieve stress and encourages natural sleep

  • UP&GO shot: Portable, Convenient Help for Energy Boost in liquid form.

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