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Obesity, Overweight and Weight Control

May 23, 2012

The World Health Organization estimated that there are approximately one billion adults globally who are overweight (in 2008) – a further 475 million who are obese. That is potentially a BIG problem for health care professionals, individuals and governments who are going to have to foot the bill for that. It gets worse because obesity brings with it a whole set of other problems such as increased levels of chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

Are we doing enough? Can a successful diet plan be put in place for individuals? What Education strategies can be used to help with this growing problem?

How can The Wise Herb Company help?

  • People on a diet still want to eat tasty food but their expectations are probably unrealistic in terms of when they want to achieve there target weight. There are no magic bullets with dieting and a holistic approach needs to be taken which includes other factors like exercise and support from family, not just what you are eating.
  • SLIM&FIT is designed to help with the management of weight. It has ingredients that can stave off hunger (satiety) and help to control the levels of sugars and fats in the system.
  • UP&GO will also help with an exercise programme. UP&GO will help boost energy and the immune system thus supporting your exercise programme throughout the year.
  • Finally, dieting can be a stressful time which creates lots of anxiety. Also, sleep can be an issue and this can create additional health issues. The Wise Herb Company have designed the healthy natural drink CALM&RELAX to help de-stress and help with soothing sleep. Perfect anytime of the day for “chilling out” and great for the evenings for enhancing sleep.

Click here for more on The Wise Herb Company product portfolio.

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