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Slimón Smoothie

May 23, 2012


Lemon juice and zest (peel) of 3 lemons. 100 g of Sugar or 4 g of stevia. 2 x SLIM&FIT triangles. 750 ml of water.


  • First make the infusion with 2 SLIM &FIT triangles. Add 750 ml of hot water (80ºC) to the 2 triangles. Wait 5 minutes then take out the bags. Afterwards set aside and wait till it cools down.

  • Make the lemon mix by adding the juice, and the lemon peel to the sugar (or Stevia) and heat up until dissolved and reduced a little.

  • Mix the SLIM&FIT infusion well with the lemon mix and put in a Tupperware box. Place in the Freezer.

  • After about an hour take out and stir with a fork then replace in the freezer.

  • Repeat after another hour and it should be ready – you can turbomix it for another few seconds to smooth it!

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