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Binge Mentality

May 25, 2012
Some thoughts on Binge mentality with focus on Exercise & Eating

Many people start a diet programmes with a fitness regime. They go “guns blazing” for several weeks then hit the wall. The wall is usually a combination of several factors: Boredom, frustration with no lack of big improvements in fitness and weight etc. They give up then go back to poor eating and drinking habits…often bingeing at the first opportunity!

Exercise can reinforce this process because it can be used (badly) as part of the coping strategy. You binge eat and binge drink for a few weeks then religiously go back to gym for some exercise penitence. And so the binge cycle continues…

Binge exercising and eating are not a good idea.

“Sporadic exercise can actually increase your cholesterol levels and lead to a greater risk of suffering a stroke or heart attack, according to new research.
Researchers from the Emory University School of Medicine in Georgia have discovered that regular exercise protects the body by increasing the number of cholesterol-fighting molecules.”

Binge eating often leads to weight gain and obesity, which only reinforces compulsive eating.  If in doubt about binge eating please contact a qualified doctor.

Potential Solutions:

  • Aim to exercie three times a week for at least 30 minutes.
  • Combine exercises so you are doing a bit of Cardio with Strength training and remember to relax and rest between exercises.
  • For losing weight eat well (healthily) and its not necessary just to sit on a spinning bike for hours at a time…you can control corporal fat levels with weights too.  Having a toned body means you will burn fats faster too.
  • Social sports can help too…training with someone e.g. playing tennis means you are making a commitment and also having a good time while exercising.
  • Stop seeing exercise as the end in itself is the key. Enjoy it for what it is. Also you can be active in other ways: walking, gardening etc can all help.
  • Changing eating habits is also key. Exercise and eating habits go hand-in-hand. Interestingly there is an interesting effect when we start to exercise and lose weight…the body becomes even more efficient at burning fats and using sugar so there is a built-in positive feedback mechanism we have which kicks in when we start to exercise over a longer period of time.
  • Mood also will be lifted as we start to get fitter and the Binge cycle of over-exercising and over-eating for short periods should dwindle.

The Wise Herb Company Key “Take-to-The-Gym” Messages:

  • Eat sensibly and no snacking! Drink SLIM&FIT in between meals to suppress hunger and help burn fats & sugar.
  • Before exercising take an UP&GO infusion to help with energy levels and to help keep hydrated. Can be taking hot or cold.
  • After a training session relax and recover. Remember, elite athletes regard recovery as the most important part of training. And you should too! Take an anitoxidant packed YOUNG&FUN in the afternoon to help with inflammation and to aid the body rid itself of oxidising species. YOUNG&FUN will also help you focus on any mental activity too.
  • Get a good nights rest. If you have been working and exercising hard a good way to recover both mentally and physically is with a good sleep. Late in the evening get your feet up and have a CALM&RELAX which will help you to unwind, destress and help you get off to sleep too!
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