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Green Tea Health Benefits

June 4, 2012

Green Tea Benefits:


Complications of Diabetes: Kidney Disease

Diabetic nephropathy is a complication of diabetes mellitus leading to end-stage renal disease.  Green tea, known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, has been shown to be renoprotective. Chennasamudram et al hypothesized that (+)-catechin (CTN), a component of green tea, is responsible for the renoprotection. In an animal model (+)-Catechin might be successfully used in the future for clinical situations where other treatments are poorly tolerated or contraindicated.

Green Tea extract: Benefits on reactive oxygen species & Cancer

 Results by research by Suzuki et al indicate the antioxidant effect of Green Tea extract on reactive oxygen species produced by neutrophils, which may be effective in reducing oxidative stress in cancer patients.

Oxidative stress in cancer patients has been demonstrated to be partly mediated by neutrophils. Although it is reported that natural antioxidants, such as green tea extract, reduce oxidative stress, there is limited evidence of their effects in cancer patients. The above study aimed to determine the effect of green tea extract on reactive oxygen species produced by neutrophils from cancer patients.

In a separate study Hönicke et al, studied the effects of anti-inflammatory catechins (EGCG) on the production of IL-1-induced tumorigenic factors in human bone cancer cells.

The link between cancer and inflammation makes it clear that there is a need to reduce the external factors inducing inflammation as a preventive or therapeutical measure.

The above team of scientists showed that catechins can positively modulate many antiinflammatory agents and tumorigenic factors. EGCG may positively affect tumor-associated inflammation and, as a consequence, lead to reduction in angiogenesis and invasiveness. This renders a combined administration of EGCG and IL-1Ra a promising approach as an adjuvant therapy in patients with bone cancer.


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