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YOUNG&FUN: Refresh the Mind & Body with Arkhan!

June 9, 2012

In the Himalayas older people seem to live an active life for longer.

When we went to India to study the traditional Herb and Spice recipes we met Arkhan.  Arkhan would spring about despite his advancing years then pull out his herb mix.

We were, naturally, intrigued by his herb mix.

Arkhan’s eyes sparkled when we asked him his age…he told us he was 77 years old and then he bounced away to work in his fields again.

You too can maintain good health into old age like Arkhan with some simple lifestyle changes:

  • Active Lifestyle
  • Good healthy diet with natural ingredients
  • Daily dose of YOUNG&FUN based on Arkhan’s herbal mix.

YOUNG&FUN – using traditional Herbs & Spices founded on Ayurvedic principals and embraced by modern science.

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