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Arkhan’s Mental Agility and YOUNG&FUN

June 10, 2012

Ketan and his team chatted with Arkhan with the Himalayan mountains as a backdrop…. he normally works on his fields six days a week and knew the precise size of his fields and how much work he needed to do each day.

One of the Ayurvedic doctors commented that he must walk at least 20 miles a day. Arkhan, who’s in his mid 70’s, smiled and commented: “Yesterday I waked 22 miles, today 16 miles and tomorrow is the start of the weekend so only 13 miles – that’s 51 miles in 3 days!”. Dr Joshi was impressed on how well he remembered the numbers, added them up quickly and also how much walking he has to do in a week.

Nepal Photos

The doctors attributed his great memory to one of the ingredients in his herbal mix: Mint.

Mint contains various polyphenolics and one of them, Rosmarinic Acid, has been shown to facilitate the clearing up of plaques in the brain which are responsible for diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Mint is one of the key ingredienst in ‘The Wise Herb Company’ natural drink YOUNG&FUN.

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