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Green Tea polyphenols & Healthy Ageing

June 14, 2012

Arkhan explained to us the journey that he had made today. He described in detail how he scrabbled around a forest looking for some berries for lunch then managed to dodge an elephant which he’d surprised and that did not look very happy with him.  He laughed as he mentioned that it could have been worse it could have been a tiger.  Arkhan’s mental agility matched his physical nimbleness as he explained how to look out for the dangers in the forest and how quickly he could find his path again.

We improved his herbal mix slightly, that he takes every day, to include Green Tea. Scientists have suggested that Green Tea polyphenols can have a promising role in the reversal of age-related loss of mental agility and recovery after brain lesions associated with aging. Green Tea is a great complement to the other natural ingredients that Arkhan uses on a day to day basis to keep his mind and body refreshed!

Check out the other ingredients in The Wise Herb Company’s YOUNG&FUN natural health drink which is based in Arkhans mix of herbs and spices.

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