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Energy Needs: Male & Female

June 16, 2012

Not only do men and women differ in their energy (Calorie) requirements, but research has led to different recommendations for dietary nutrient composition in men and women. The difference in energy requirements can generally be attributed to the difference in size between men and women, with women needing typically 400 to 800 less Calories in a day. Research has also suggested that the energy expenditure in women varies over the course of her menstrual cycle, with the resting metabolic rate increasing in the luteal phase.  

When previously sedentary men and women follow exercise training programs men lose body fat, but women do not.  Science suggests that, in women, exercise altered energy-regulating hormones stimulate energy intake, regardless of energy status.  In men, the response to exercise was abolished when energy balance was maintained. It appears that mechanisms to maintain body fat are more effective in women.  So dietary needs when exercising or maintaining energy throughout the day will be subtly different

Herb and Spice mixes can be designed to target these differences between males ♂ and females ♀.

His & Hers

In terms of recommended nutrients, women tend to need help against osteoporisis and loss of iron during menstruation. There also some other differences like the risks of breast cancer and the higher rates of colon cancer in men

Of course, nutritional requirements should be individualised since everybody has unique nutritional needs.

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