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Energy Shots from The Wise Herb Company

June 18, 2012

InnOrbit’s UP&GO Natural Energy has been developed into a convenient sized ready-to-drink 60 ml SHOT using a natural traditional recipe as a base with ingredients sourced from the northern mountains and tea gardens of India. Designed for busy men & women who need to manage their energy carefully over a 24 hour period. 

The 100% natural blend of UP&GO SHOT is ideal for our self-imposed busy modern life and we have designed recipes specifically designed for Men and Women.  We know their energy requirements are different and we have designed MALE and FEMALE versions to reflect this.

  • UP&GO SHOT is designed for enlivening and balancing the Kapha Dosha.
  • UP&GO SHOT is designed to help facilitate energy production in the body.


Drinking Instructions:

Can be drunk any time when you need to facilitate your body with more energy – before sport & exercise, for that long drive back home or for that last minute boost for an unexpected event you’ll need to manage.  Use as part of a healthy lifestyle which includes a good diet and relevant exercise programme.


Pre-cool the bottle and enjoy the exotic mix of herbs & spices.  Can also be used as a cordial to make up Energy drink cocktails (mixed with fruit juice).


100% natural (water and herbs & spices)



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