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Ginger: Anti-Cancer Benefits

June 26, 2012

Various studies have recently been completed that show anti-tumor and anti-cancer activity of the common spice Ginger.

  • Components of ginger, have been widely investigated and show antiinflammatory and antitumorigenic activities. A study by Lin et al studied the anti-tumor effects of 6-gingerol on colon cancer cells. Our results revealed that 6-gingerol treatment significantly reduced the cell viability of human colon cancer cell in a dose-dependent manner. They suggest that a key component of 6-gingerol could be beneficial to treatment of colon cancer.

  • Weng et al demonstrated that 6-Shogaol and 6-gingerol from Ginger effectively inhibited invasion and metastasis of hepatocellular carcinoma through diverse molecular mechanisms, and blocked angiogenesis.  Effectively the authors are suggesting that Ginger components could block the growth and spread of cancer (in liver cells).
  • Ginger components also showed promise as inhibitory agents against skin tumorigenesis in an animal model system. Batra et al also suggest potential mechanisms for their action.

Ginger is a component of the healthy natural drink recipes: CALM&RELAX, SLIM&FIT, UP&GO

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