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Jhotan and his “fat controlling” Herbs & Spices

July 10, 2012

One day we met with Jhotan when he was not working. He was strolling near to his fields chatting with his friends.

He told us about a couple of other ingredients that he was using in his mix to sustain him in the fields. We did not recognise the herbs he was talking about as he was using local words for them. Our Ayurvedic doctors knew them instantly as Cinnamon and Hibiscus. We added a few of our own local herbs and spices to make the taste and health functionality even better!

Ayurvedic medicine has known about the control of the digestion of fats and sugars with Herbs & Spices for many hundreds of years and modern science has been catching up.

We now know in the west that traditional herbs and spices can be benficial in the control of sugar and fat digestion. It is these herbal health properties that are helping Jhotan to sustain his energy in the fields whilst he’s working and which we have developed into the SLIM&FIT recipe to help you manage your weight:

  • Cinnamon seems to be highly bioactive, appearing to mimic the effect of insulin through increased glucose uptake in adipocytes (fat cells) and skeletal muscles.

  • Cinnamon may also have some positive impacts for the control of diabetes. Cinnamom can reduce lipids, cholesterol and LDL-cholesterol and may have a positive effect on hypoglycaemic activity and sugar control.

  • Liquorice compounds enhance fat breakdown and digestion. This anti-obestiy effect has been reported by various researchers including work on components called Amorfrutins.

  • Ginger has also been shown to augment the digestion of fat in an animal model system.

  • Hibiscus extract appears to have a blood lipid lowering effect. It has been implicated in maintaining a healthy weight and help to modulate blood sugar levels.

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