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Jhotan and his long hard hours…

July 10, 2012

When we met Jhotan again we were enjoying our dinner sat by the trial on our way to our rest stop in the next village.

We could see Jhotan for about 10 minutes as we approached him from the head of the valley. Backwards and forwards he went with his plough.  It was getting late.

As we got closer to him we decided to step for a break and eat. Curiosity got the better of him – as it always did!

We offered Jhotan some of our food but he politely refused. He pulled out a bag of his famous herbal mixture and said that his herbal mix was all he needed to sustain him through the day. One of our doctors asked him how long he ploughed for he told is that a typical day was 12 full hours of heavy work with a buffalo plough.

He smiled, ‘namasted’ and handed us a handful of his mixture then hopped back to his field – miming that we would be working with increased vigour after it.

On our return to the labarotory in Delhi we were amazed to find the mixture included the little known herb Garcinia which is now being researched for its apparent ability to reduce appetite as well as Caralluma which helps to burn fat and increase metabolism. It looked like this was keeping Jhotan sustained until he could have his next meal..

When we returned to Switzerland we added other ingredients and played with the proportions of other herbs to develop SLIM&FIT which, as part of a healthy lifestyle, we feel can help with your weight management.

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