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CALM&RELAX: with Duruga

July 11, 2012

One day we stumbled through the forests in the foothills of the Himalaya and met with Duruga. It was late and he warned us that it was not safe to be out in the forest.

He should know! He had seen bears and other “wild animals” the previous night whilst working late in the moonlight. Tonight there was cloud cover and no moonlight.
He invited us into his home and we huddled around his cozy stove comforted by the light of his kerosene lamp.

He made an infusion of his herbs and spices that seemed to calm us all and he started to explain to us how he needed to work harder now that his wife was pregnant. That night we ended up staying with Duruga and despite the noises from outside and all the world’s problems we managed to laugh and joke into the early hours. ‘I can’t afford to drink alcohol, but this is my tipple’ he laughed. Within minutes of sipping this delicious brew we began to relax with him and felt the tea’s warm waves overcome our own anxieties as he related a tale of a bear that attacked his flimsy hut only last month in search of food.

His herbal mix contained herbs and spices such as LemongrassFennel and Centella (Pennywort) which help to ease anxiety, calm and soothe natural sleep. Ideal for relieving the self-imposed stresses of our modern life we thought…we developed Duruga’s recipe with the help of Ayurvedic Doctors and made the healthy natural drink CALM&RELAX.

Calmar y relajar


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