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Green Tea: Latest on Potential Health Benefits

August 11, 2012

Green Tea Latest: Research


Insulin & Blood Pressure Lowering:

Oxidative stress is closely associated with hypertension and insulin resistance in metabolic syndrome. It has been written on these webpages several times that Green tea extract may have blood pressure lowering effect.

Decaffeinated Green Tea extracts might be presumed to have strong antioxidative effect and Blood Pressure-lowering effect. Ihm et al, investigated whether decaffeinated-Green Tea Extract could help hypertension and Insulin Resistence by improving endothelial dysfunction and reducing oxidative stress in an animal model system.

The results suggest that Decaffeinated Green Tea Extract reduced the formation of Reactive Oxygen Species among other positive effects on marker oxidase activity. These effects from Green Tea extract resulted in improved endothelial dysfunction and Insulin Resistance and lowered Blood Pressure.


Visceral fat accumulation was investigated by Hasumura et al using Green tea extract to study whether it can reduce body fat and reduce the risk of obesity-related diseases in an animal model system

The present results are consistent with those seen in mammals treated with Green Tea Extracts with the results suggesting that Green Tea Extracts exert beneficial effects on adiposity, possibly by altering the expression of lipid catabolism genes and SOCS3 suppressor of cytokine signaling 3b.

“The Wise Herb Company use Green Tea as a base in all their natural functional infusions!”

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  1. August 13, 2012 5:13 am

    What great news! Sometimes I wonder to myself if herbs/naturals can have the ability to replace prescription medications in society; and then after reading news like this, I feel we are getting that much closer. Not only does green tea protect us from the biggest killer (cancer), it helps us stay fit and live longer by reducing unnecessary fat in the body. I really think it’s an important source of treatment for those with diabetes and hypertension.

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