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Looking for a Healthy and Functional Gift for You, Your Family or Your friends?

August 28, 2012

A range of Functional Ayurvedic Infusions available from

4 Functions available:

  • Slimming and Weight Management with SLIM&FIT

  • Energy and Uplift with UP&GO

  • Relax and Improved Sleep with CALM&RELAX

  • Active Ageing and Cognitive Function with YOUNG&FUN

    All the products are based on Ancient Ayurvedic recipes from the Himalaya Mountains and are made with Herbs and Spices grown in that region.

    By buying the herbs from the small Family Farms there, we help to promote the local economy as well as provide an increased income to the families.

    We also took on the task of placing young girls in schools in the region – who otherwise would have continued to caught up in poverty. To date we have placed 15 girls in school and we are looking to add up to 100 in the next few months.

    Have a look at the info on our website: and please place your orders from the site by clicking on the product names.

    Alternatively contact us on if you have any questions


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