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Green Tea Pre-Biotic Effect

September 1, 2012

Little is known or publicised about Green Tea and its potential positive impact on intestinal microbiota and how it could play a crucial role in human health.


Probiotics, Reduce Disruption Eczema in Infants: Probiotics, such as yogurt drinks contain live bacteria

In a study by Jin et al, non-Green Tea drinkers were given Green Tea to drink for 10 days and then stopped. Fecal samples were collected at 3 time points and analysed for Human Intestinal Microbiota using a real-time polymerase chain reaction method for the Bifidobacterium species.  

Prebiotics stimulate the growth of healthy bacteria such as bifidobacteria and lactobacilli in the gut and increase resistance to invading pathogens helping to maintain health and well-being.

The scientists noted an overall tendency for the proportion of bifidobacteria to increase because of Green Tea drinking

Their conclusion was that Green Tea consumption might act as a prebiotic and improve the colon environment by increasing the proportion of the Bifidobacterium species.

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