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L-Theanine from Green Tea: Reduces Stress and Anxiety

September 4, 2012

L-theanine is an amino acid found in Green Tea (Camellia sinensis), It has been seen on this blog that Theanine can reduce stress and improve cognition and mood.

L-theanine seems to negate the stimulatory effects of caffeine and may be efficient enough to suppress opioid withdrawal signs. L-theanine also produces anxiolytic effects (suppresses anxious feelings) in humans. The Wise Herb Company uses decaffeinated Green Tea for its CALM&RELAX herbal blend.

In a study by Wise et al they investigated l-theanine and its ability to reduce opioid-withdrawal signs and reduce anxiety in an animal model system.

Diet for stress management

The data from this investigation indicate that l-theanine may be useful in the pharmacotherapy of treating opioid withdrawal as well as anxiety-associated behaviours.

Anyone for a Cuppa?


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