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Ginger Component: induces Apoptosis and Autophagy in cancer cells

September 9, 2012

[6]-Gingerol is an important bioactive component of ginger which can have potentially postive benefits on various aspects of health: anti-hyperglycemia & anti-cancer.


Mechanisms of apoptosis (Cancer auto-cell death) and autophagy (a process involving the degradation of a cancer cell’s own components) are two key events of anti-cancer activity.


Functions of Autophagy: Nature

Cancer Cells were treated with the Ginger component and studied by Chakraborty et al. Various cell changes were studied which included apoptosis, DNA degradation and the expression of various cell factors (Cytokines) like TNF which are linked to causing cell death (apoptosis)

In conclusion, the results suggest that [6]-gingerol has potential to bind with DNA and induce cell death by autophagy and caspase 3 mediated apoptosis which suggests that Ginger may have some anti-cancer effect due to components like [6]-Gingerol.

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