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The properties of Cinnamon extracts in the context of diabetes

September 12, 2012

The mounting data on the beneficial properties of Cinnamon in type-2 diabetes has catalysed the launch of various supplemental forms of this spice. And as we have seen on this website before – examples of how Herbs & Spices can help with maintenance of health when it comes to chronic conditions like diabetes.


The water soluble fraction contains relatively high levels of the double-linked procyanidin type-A polymers or flavanoids.

Rafehi et al utilized genome-wide mRNA-Seq analysis to characterise the changes in gene expression caused by a Cinnamon extract in model cell studies (relevant to diabetic complications).

In conclusion, insights into the mechanisms of action of Cinnamon in diabetes and diabetic complications were elucidated further. They also identify relevant candidate genes which could provide the basis for further investigation.


Cinnamon & Glycemic Control

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