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Handcrafted in India – Designed in Switzerland

September 17, 2012

We like to think we’ve managed to squeeze the best of both worlds into our products. East meets West in perfect harmony.


The traditional handcrafted herbal mixes are based on a Five Thousand Year Old Science (Ayurvedic) designed by our Swiss Scientists to deliver maximum taste for our busy modern lives. With Zero added sugar you’ll have just the pure natural goodness of Herbs & Spices handpicked from near the Himalayas.

Where it all started:

The Himalayas in Northern India

The Himalayas: The Daily Green

Where the design comes together:


Image: Daniel Schwen

Like any great product, design is important and we believe that our products are great tasting and deliver superior health functionality.

The Wise Herb Company has developed 4 infusions based on ancient traditional recipes using 100% natural ingredients sourced from near the Himalayas. Each infusion serves a health function as part of a balanced lifestyle.

  • CALM&RELAX: for relaxation and enhance natural sleep
  • SLIM&FIT: for managing weight naturally
  • YOUNG&FUN: for healthy aging
  • UP&GO: for natural energy and immune boost
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