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Focus on Ginger

October 1, 2012

Ginger, a spice used extensively in Ayurvedic medicine, is now being associated with anti-inflammatory potential in modern scientific experiments. Here we highlight the most recent news from the scientific press. Ginger is a herb or spice used extensively in The Wise Herb Company portfolio of products.


In this study, Hslang et al studied Ginger in associatin with colitis – a common pathological lesion of inflammatory bowel diseases.

The therapeutic effects of ginger and its component zingerone were studied in an animal model system. Ginger and zingerone ameliorated induced colonic injury in a dose-dependent manner.

Pathway analysis of ginger- and zingerone-regulated gene expression profiles showed that ginger and zingerone significantly regulated cytokine-related pathways.

They conclude that ginger improved colitis via modulation of NF-κB activity and IL-1β signalling pathway. Additionally, zingerone might be the active component of ginger responsible for the amelioration of colitis in this model system.

Antioxidant activity

A study by El-Bakly et al was designed to assess the possible antioxidant effects of Ginger component 6-gingerol in reducing cardiac damage in an animal model.

6-gingerol was shown to significantly ameliorate the induced elevation in the cardiac enzymes.

The investigators indicate that 6-gingerol, a known single compound from ginger with anticancer activity, was shown to have a promising role in cardioprotection against induced cardiotoxicity. This study suggested a novel mechanism for 6-gingerol cardioprotection, which might be mediated through its antioxidative effect and modulation of NF-κB as well as apoptosis.

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