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Supplement trends & new products spotted at Expo East 2012

October 4, 2012

Healthy, pure supplements are gaining traction with consumers in various key categories –

Expo East 2012 & NewHope 360

InnOrbit notes:

  • Immunity: Try The Wise Herb Company’s 100% natural UP&GO – ideal for the colder months when you can get run down or any time of the year for a boost of energy and to give your immune system a helping hand.
  • Digestive Health: SLIM&FIT is ideal for controlling weight but can also help with controlling digestive issues.  SLIM&FIT contains stomach calming herbs & spices like fennel, amla and ginger which can help to settle your stomach.
  • Internal Beauty:  Internal cleansing is also important to maintain wellbeing.  Liquorice, Ginger and other herbs and spices will help to protect you liver and kidneys and promote detoxification.  Why not try any of The Wise Herb Company range of products which contain a good dose of these relevant herbs & spices and will help maintain wellbeing.
  • Skin Health: Depending on what skin type you have (dry, oily, combination etc)  The Wise Herb Company has a herbal mix for you.  Check out which infusion works for you with the InnOrbit simple Skin guide.
  • Cardiovascular health: Heart health and specifically cardiovascular health is helped by keeping your weight in check, exercising & eating well.   However, getting a good dose of herbs and spices via The Wise Herb Company‘s products can help. Try our infusions which contain Ginger, Green Tea, Neem, or Amla.

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