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Flavanoid consumption from Plants and increased Cancer survival levels

October 25, 2012

A reduced risk of breast cancer associated with dietary intake of certain classes of flavonoids has been proposed. The effects of flavonoids on survival, however, are not known. A population-based study of breast cancer patients, was investigated by Fink et al on if dietary flavonoid intake before diagnosis is associated with subsequent survival

“There is strong science connecting polyphenols with anti-inflammatory activity. Pretreating cells with a category of polyphenols called anthocyanins (the blue, red and purple pigments of many berries) can protect them from inflammatory stimuli. And researchers say chronic inflammation underlies most chronic disease states.” Professor Finley,  Louisianna State University.


  • Flavonoids are a large family of polyphenolic compounds synthesized by plants.
  • Scientists are interested in the potential health benefits of flavonoids associated with fruit and vegetable-rich diets.
  • Many of the biological effects of flavonoids appear to be related to their ability to modulate cell-signaling pathways, rather than their antioxidant activity.

Women between the ages of 25 and 98 years who were newly diagnosed with a first primary invasive breast cancer were followed for vital status to 2002. A questionairre was performed to assess dietary intake in the previous 12 months. All-cause mortality (n=173 deaths) and breast cancer-specific mortality (n=113 deaths) were determined through the National Death Index.

The results indicated that mortality was reduced with higher consumption of flavones, isoflavones and anthocyanadins.

In conclusion the scientitsts suggest that mortality may be reduced in association with higher levels of dietary flavones and isoflavones among postmenopausal U.S. breast cancer patients.

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