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Neuroprotective effect of Green Tea component Theanine

October 28, 2012

In a study, by Zukhurova et al, the neuroprotective effect of L-theanine, a Green Tea component in an animal model system after a stroke. The effect of L-theanine on brain injury during reperfusion was evaluated via neurological deficit and infarct size.

The results suggest that L-theanine substantially reduced the size of brain infarct and neurological status was improved when L-theanine was administered. Repeated intrastriatal injections of L-theanine at a total dose of 800 µg/kg during reperfusion prevented brain injury caused by glutamate receptor agonists.


The investgators conclude that L-theanine at reperfusion exerts neuroprotective effect in the in vivo animal stroke model. Treatment with L-theanine at reperfusion also helps to prevent brain injury.

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