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Mint Component: Antispasmodic effect and mode of action

November 8, 2012

A study by Souza et al was made on Carvone a component of Mint. (-)-Carvone is a monoterpene found in Mint essential oil.

In this study (-)-carvone anti-spasmodic effect was investigated in animal model system. The effect of (-)-carvone was compared with that of the classical calcium channel blocker verapamil.

Carvone reduced the contractions induced and was almost 100 times more potent than verapamil.

In conclusion (-)-carvone showed a typical and potent calcium channel blocker action. The effects described for both (-)-carvone and mint can be explained as a calcium channel blocker mode of action.

Mint is a key component used in The Wise Herb Company portfolio of products.

Have a cuppa!


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