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Liquorice and Anti-Viral Benefits against Rotavirus

November 19, 2012

Glycyrrhizin is a bioactive component found in liquorice root. It is rapidly metabolized by gut bacteria into 18β- glycyrrhetinic acid. These compounds have been shown to have antiviral and anti-inflammatory activity, amongst other benefits in vitro or in vivo. In a study by Hendricks et al, the ability of glycyrrhetinic acid to modulate immune responses of the small intestinal mucosa was studied in an animal model system.

Liquorice is a key component of InnOrbit infusions like UP&GO

The results from this investigation indicate that glycyrrhetinic acid augments lymphocyte recruitment to the intestinal mucosa and induces maturation of B cell-rich isolated lymphoid follicles. The data supports a role for dietary ligands, like those found in plant materials like liquorice, to modulate of intestinal lymphoid tissue and therefore the anti-viral and immune function.  

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