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Green Tea & Weight Loss

November 23, 2012

Can Green Tea help with Weight Loss?

We see Green Tea touted as a potential drink or ingredient for weight loss. But does it hold any water? Dr Ketan Joshi explains on Ecademy.

Have a cuppa!

It seems that bioactive ingredients of Green Tea, polyphenols called catechins ((-)-epicatechin), are the functional component and scientists are backing up what the Chinese, Indians & Japanese have been saying for quite a long time, namely, that Green Tea has thermogenic properties and promotes fat burning.

Thermogenesis, or fat burning, is the process by which the body promotes energy expenditure. Most food has thermogenic effect as the body uses energy for processing food, but not all foods have the same thermogenic effect. Compare Protein to Fat and Carbohydrates for instance. Increasing thermogenesis, can increase energy expenditure and fat may well be used as energy.

At InnOrbit we support the theory that a balanced and healthy lifestyle works and not one thing alone is going to help with Weight Loss (See the magic bullet article). Other foods will help too and we have seen how herbs and spices can help with controlling weight via appetite and satiety. At the end of the day the maxim “do more and eat less” is probably going to work for you, so, drink tea as part of a wider healthy lifestyle to get or stay Slim and Fit.

Read the full article HERE.

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