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Flavanols from Green Tea: Healthy Ageing

November 29, 2012

We have designed YOUNG&FUN, with the help of Ayurvedic doctors to help with healthy ageing, well-being and cognitive function. Many of the ingredients have component like Flavanols which have been reported in the scientific press and which appear to have some function in keeping us healthy for longer.

The maintenance of health in to old age

In a paper by Mikutis et al, from the Jacobs University of Bremen in Germany, the nature of this phenomenon was investigated.

Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) from Green Tea and a selection of theaflavins from black tea were combined with model cell nuclear structures (histone proteins, double stranded DNA and quadruplex DNA) and the resultant interactions investigated using mass spectrometry amongst other techniques.

The selected polyphenols were shown to display affinity to all of the selected cell nuclear structures.

In conclusion these data suggest the chemopreventive effect of tea against cancer and other chronic diseases, and a possible role & mechanism of tea phenolics in healthy ageing.

As well as cocoa products, flavanols also occur in drinks like tea, and fruits like apples and grapes. (Liv Friis-Larsen/

Further Reading & References:

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