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Green tea and its role on Chemoprevention of Genotoxic damage

November 30, 2012

We have seen before on these webpages how the consumption of Green Tea, through its antioxidant benefits, has been associated with various positive health effects. It seems that this antioxidant property could play a role in the reduction of pathogenesis in several chronic diseases like cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Genotoxic: Damaging to DNA and thereby capable of causing mutations or cancer.

Have a cuppa!

Metal compounds such as chromium [VI] are carcinogenic and can induce genotoxic damage through Oxidative Stress. Garcia Rodríguez et al suggest that green tea has a protective effect against the genotoxic damage induced by this compounds. They studied Green Tea treatments with chromium trioxide in a controlled experiment using an animal model.

Green tea reduced the genotoxic damage induced by chromium trioxide, and the highest protection was presented at 72 hours. Overall, the results suggest that Green Tea has protective effects against the damage of genetic material, induced by metal compounds such as chromium [VI].

From Nissen Medica: Symptoms of Heavy Metal Toxicity

The largest decrease in damage was observed at 72 hours suggesting that the protective effect could depend on the bioavailability of the active ingredient in Green Tea. The consumption of Green Tea for a long period of time before the exposure heavy metals could therefore have a more consistent preventive effect.

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