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Anti-aging, Anti-stress and Free Radical scavenging activity of Holy Basil

August 5, 2013

Aging is one of the most important risk factors for a variety of diseases. A wide range of chemical modulators of aging in model organisms have been discovered. The authors of this study, Pandey et al, suggest that this encourages new strategies for targeting age associated diseases.

Simple genetic manipulation leads to long-lived and healthy animals, natural bioactive constituents could have similar effects.

Extracts of Holy Basil (O. sanctum) were used to determine their impact on life span, thermotolerance and ROS scavenging activities in a model system.

holy basil

The data suggest that 1 mg/mL of O. sanctum extract significantly extended the life span in the model system.

The extract also proved to be a strong free radical scavenger and increased resistance against thermal stress.

It is also suggested that the protective and life span extending action of the crude extract is not only due to its antioxidant capacity but may also be mediated by modulation of some signaling pathways. Thus, in addition to all the known medicinal property of Ocimum, it is capable of increasing stress tolerance and life span”

Could Holy Basil have the same anti-aging effect in a herbal infusion?



Anti-stress with the wise herb Holy Basil (Richard et al)

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