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Evaluation of Cytotoxiciy and Tumor-specificity of Licorice Flavonoids

August 7, 2013

Licorice (Liquorice) in the scientific news again!


Tumor specificity of various flavanoids of liquorice were studies by Ohno et al. Ten licorice flavonoids were subjected to quantitative structure-activity relationship (QASR) analysis with cytotoxicity assay with four human oral carcinoma and three normal cell lines.

Results suggest that the flavanoids Licurazid and Isoliquiritigenin had the highest cytotoxicity against tumor cells. Chalcones had slightly higher cytotoxicity and tumor specificity than flavanones. The number of sugar units in the molecule was somewhat negatively-correlated with cytotoxicity, but not with tumor specificity.

In conclusion, the results suggest that these physicochemical descriptors may be useful to estimate cytotoxicity or tumor specificity of structurally-related compounds to these liquorice / licorice flavonoids.

Licorice (liquorice) is a key ingredient of the green tea herbal infusions handcrafted by The Wise Herb Company.


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