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The Wise Herb Company’s Ayurvedic Notes on Ginger

August 16, 2013



As well as its culinary uses Ginger is widely administered in Ayurveda and The Wise Herb Company doctors use this herbal ingredient in a variety of healthy ways in the herbal green tea infusions: CALM&RELAX, SLIM&FIT, UP&GO and YOUNG&FUN.

Generally, ginger is know to aid the digestion process helping to stoke the digestive “oven” and improving assimilation and transportation of various nutrients to body tissues.

 Ginger & Arthritic Pain

Ayurvedic doctors also recommend ginger for therapeutic use in cases such as joint pain and sickness. Traditional practitioner suggest that ginger can help to clear the microcirculatory channels to facilitate better absorption of nutrients and better elimination of wastes.

As we have seen on these pages modern science is catching up. It has been demonstrated in several scientific papers that ginger can help to prevent sickness, improving digestion and has pro-analgesic effect on the joints.

YOUNG&FUN with Lilly

YOUNG&FUN with Lilly

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