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Green Tea health & wellness for 2014

January 4, 2014

Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), is an active compound found in Green Tea. We have seen on many of these pages that it is strong antioxidant which may help to prevent many serious chronic illnesses.

 Green Tea

The molecular mechanisms of EGCG from Green Tea are still being investigated and Ma et al, in their studies, suggest that EGCG had a positive anti-proliferative effect on human lung cancer cells. They demonstrated that EGCG inhibited anchorage-independent growth and induced cell cycle G0/G1 phase arrest.

Various marker molecules for cancer were suppressed following Green Tea EGCG treatment. The results indicate that inhibition of signaling pathways may partly contribute to the anticancer activity of EGCG.

Garcia-Rodríguez et al also showed similar interesting effects. It seems that green tea polyphenols have a modulating effect of on genotoxic damage and apoptotic activity in an animal model study.  

(See also Barg et al)

Green Tea Field

Additional Useful References from recent studies:

Anti-inflammatory effects of Green Tea EGCG: (Asthma, bronchal & airway diseases etc)

Green tea may rely on to inhibit lung tumorigenesis:  (Lung disease, Cancer)

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